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Richman Oil, established January 12, 1992 and located in Central Texas is an independent developer of oil and natural gas fields in the state of Texas.  Our expertise is in the areas of drilling, acquisition programs, and accommodating investment opportunities for corporations as well as the individual accredited investor.  We invite you to contact us through this web site's email, phone, or mail if you would like more information about how we may work together in the exciting and valuable resources of oil and natural gas.

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Tax Benefits of Oil and Gas

Oil and Natural gas from domestic reserves helps to make our country more energy self-sufficient by reducing our dependence on foreign imports. In light of this, Congress has provided tax incentives to stimulate domestic natural gas and oil production financed by private sources. Drilling projects offer many tax advantages and these benefits greatly enhance the economics. These incentives are not "Loop Holes" -- they were placed in the Tax Code by Congress to make participation in oil and gas ventures one of the best tax advantaged investments. Read More...